My Wedding at Escuela Pia

It was June last year, my friend’s wedding, when I found out about Wedding in The Sky. I found a calling card and I think  it was a God-given coincidence that me and my fiancé are planning our wedding at that time. At the instance that I arrived home, I immediately turned on the computer and checked the website on the Internet.

Inside the site, I found some contacts for wedding service providers. They also feature a large directory of wedding venues. When I made the call, their staff talked to me very politely and entertained all of my inquiries. When I asked for an appointment, a date for the tour of venues was immediately set.

Finally, everything was set, the wedding was to be celebrated at Escuela Pia in Batangas.

I can tell by my groom’s expression during and after the wedding that he enjoyed the great wedding experience in every aspect. We loved everything from the food, the friendly staff, the beautiful decorations, and the elegance of the wedding. I felt as if they never treated me as of cash value, they gave me a treatment that I think I deserve, after a strenuous planning period, a treatment and pampering like a queen.

Thank you to Wedding in the Sky for this wonderful and very memorable experience in my life.


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El Caviteno Ballroom Wedding Destination

Tagaytay Country Hotel, Nestled in the heart of tagaytay, is the most preferred wedding venue distant to the taal volcano.

The El Caviteno Ballroom, one of the function rooms of Tagaytay Country Hotel, can sit about 400 people. The El Caviteno Ballroom is perfect for destination wedding venue in Tagaytay.

The El Caviteno Ballroom has a wide dance floor and a enough space as well for seating accommodations. Its location, The City of Tagaytay, is known due to its all year long fine weather. Tagaytay City is one of the famous getaway spots in the Philippines during the summer.

The El Caviteno ballroom has a extravagant structure with an elegant color. It also has a nice overlooking view of the historic Taal Volcano.

The El Caviteno ballroom is the perfect Tagaytay Wedding Reception|, if you want to know more, come take a look at the wonderful El Caviteno Ballroom in Tagaytay Country Hotel.

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Tagaytay Grand Ballroom

Tagaytay Grand Ballroom or more commonly known as Chateau Royale is a one hectare strip of land nestled in the heart of Batangas. Tagaytay Grand Ballroom is one of the best world-class hotels in Batangas.

Tagaytay Grand Ballroom

Tagaytay Grand Ballroom is often mistaken to be in Tagaytay City because of it’s name. Tagaytay Grand Ballroom is actually located between Nasugbu, Batangas and Alfonso, Cavite.

Tagaytay Grand Ballroom

Tagaytay Grand Ballroom not only offers a perfect Batangas wedding venue but it is also a spot for other leisure and sports activities like Wall Climbing, Paintball, and Obstacle Courses. Tagaytay Grand Ballroom also has function halls for social and business gatherings.

Chateau Royale

Chateau Royale has more than 100 world-class and airconditioned rooms perfectly designed to cater for every guests personality.

Indeed, Tagaytay Grand Ballroom is the perfect romantic getaway for either a wedding, a honeymoon, or family and work team-building activities.

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Taal Batangas Wedding Venues

Are you looking for a Taal, Batangas Wedding Venue? There are many perfect wedding venues in Taal. With its fabulous churches and Filipino wedding traditions,  Taal, Batangas boasts many places to celebrate your exchange of vows.

There are many Batangas Wedding Destinations in Taal, Batangas. If you are looking for a Wedding Church in Batangas, Our Lady of Caysasay or St Martin de Tours will be a good church wedding venue.

Taal wedding destinations are perfect for people who are looking for the traditional Filipino wedding. Couples will have the Philippine wedding experience and will enjoy a perfect honeymoon near the scenic and historic Taal Volcano, Taal, Batangas.

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Batangas Information

Batangas is one of the famous tourist spots near Manila. Its capital is Batangas City and it is bordered by the provinces of Cavite and Laguna to the north and Quezon to the east. Some of the more notable ones are Anilao in the Municipality of Mabini, Matabungkay in the Municipality of Lian, Punta Fuego in the Municipality of Nasugbu, the Municipality of Calatagan and Laiya in the Municipality of San Juan.

In Batangas, the wedding always starts in the morning, so that the reception will not pass noontime, because there is a tradition that the bride needs to go to Groom’s residence by noontime to get more prosperity. The reception was always done at the Bride’s residence.

Casa Corazon Hotel
Casa Corazon Hotel, Lemery, Batangas

In the middle of the wedding reception dinner, a relative announces the sharing portion done through bids from the groom and bride’s sides. It will be explained that the money collected will be used as they start their lives together. Every bid is exchanged with a rice cake and for the male bidder a drink of wine from a small glass. It’s also done not for the money’s sake. Just for fun.

The transfer of the couple from wedding reception to groom’s residence is called lipatan. In this tradition, all the things used in the weddings, which is normally from groom’s relatives, are packed and the reception is being cleaned thoroughly.

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Batangas map

Map of Batangas

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